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Shoe enterprise goes bankrupt to liquidate, does 4 trademark begin to bid price only 3 yuan?
Post date: 2018-08-24

Four trademarks, including "iraibert" from a shoe company managed by zhejiang lianying law firm, will be auctioned online on alibaba's judicial auction platform, starting with a bid of only 3 yuan and a deposit of 2 yuan, a person with knowledge of the matter confirmed. Based on this calculation, the starting bid price of each trademark is only 0.75 yuan, less than the price of a common egg.
The four trademarks that will be netted are "elibert", "xin chan-hom", "zhuo lai shi" and "yileibate", belonging to wenzhou yiraihan shoes co., LTD. The company was founded in July 2001 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, mainly engaged in shoemaking in ouhai xianyan, and has been listed in the list of operating exceptions, according to the national enterprise credit information public system.

In fact, the company's crisis, which began earlier, has now gone into liquidation and was handed over to zhejiang lianying law firm in June as the shoe company's manager.
According to the management, the company scale originally, still can be in ouhai fairy rock rent the workshop production of various kinds of shoes, in three or four years ago in a crisis, guarantee chain liabilities of up to tens of millions of yuan, the company already owe, production equipment, the query to the assets have very few, only found to be the racquet four pieces of trademark, and the trademark registration certificate has been lost.
Wenzhou irye yuhan shoes co., LTD had a dispute with a number of Banks over a financial loan contract, and its legal representative, huang, also involved in the false issuance of value-added tax invoices, according to China's judicial document network.
The company manager, said the four trademarks are effective brand, the company also plans to find evaluation to evaluate the value to the corresponding trademark, but many appraisal companies reluctant to bankruptcy liquidation assessment report issued by enterprise, at the same time, the assessment cost of a trademark to thousands of yuan, once the final price is not ideal, valuation fee will also be no landing.
The four trademarks have been unveiled on the alibaba judicial auction platform on August 14, and the online auction is scheduled to start from 10 o 'clock on August 30 to 10 o 'clock on August 31. Since the starting price of the online auction is only 3 yuan, 23 people have already signed up for the auction within 6 days, and 58 people have been reminded to start shooting at present.

However, a trademark of a children's clothing enterprise in wenzhou was auctioned on alibaba judicial auction platform with a starting price of 5 yuan. As a result, 175 people participated in the auction, and the transaction was completed with 45,305 yuan after 242 rounds of bidding.