• Application scope

    Suitable for waterproof shoes, climbing shoes, ski shoes, leisure shoes, sports shoes, water-proof gloves, ski gloves, water-proof caps and other products.

  • brief introduction

    Waterproof glue press is used to heat (heat) the hot-sealing adhesive tape (waterproof glue strip) by glue press, and press the hot-sealing adhesive tape (waterproof glue strip) through the continuous operation of the pressure wheel. The hot-sealing adhesive tape (waterproof glue strip) is perfectly glued to the inner needle of raincoat, tent, car cover, ski suit, mountaineering suit, waterproof suit, jacket, charge suit, down jacket and other products. The purpose and effect of sealing and waterproofing is achieved on the line.

  • Advantage

    1: power supply, voltage: AC 220V 50H
    2: rated power: 3000W
    3: thermal control: no section adjustable 0-700 C.
    4: speed: standard type 1 to 18m/min
    5: variable speed compressed air: 0.35 to 0.5 Mpa
    6: upper and lower pressure wheel width: steel wheel 30mm standard type < br / > 7: other widths can be freely selected gun nozzle diameter width: the standard thermal sealing tape is a special equipment (hot air seam sealant or high frequency thermostat) heating, sewn in raincoats, tents, balloons and other waterproof, air-proof series.

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Dongguan Houjie Feiyang Shoe Machine Processing Factory is a professional manufacturer of waterproof equipment for shoes and garments, and a hardware processing enterprise. It integrates machine production and parts processing, and specializes in the field of machine equipment and waterproof materials. In recent years, it has won the support and trust of customers. Specializing in the production of various series of glue machine.