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Why do employees quit when management is tight?
Post date: 2018-09-19

There are often such problems: employees have no passion for their work, the system cannot be implemented, and people cannot be retained. Managers dare not control employees, and employees will resign and leave as soon as they are strict. How to solve these problems is the top issue for managers and managers.
In fact, to solve the problem, we need to find the root of the problem. Now, one of the things that a lot of people talk about when they talk about this is money, is less money, is the unfair distribution of money that's causing pain to employees, but the problem is that employees get less money, and they always shout about injustice, and they always get less money. Based on more than ten years of work experience and the experience of consulting more than ten enterprises, the paper summarizes the 12 reasons why employees cannot work happily. See if these reasons are also at the root of your company's pain to your employees.
Number one reason
That is, employees are not satisfied with the management methods and styles of direct superiors. Many employees and I often say that the real reason for my resignation is that I cannot stand the "dog's temper" of leaders. This is also a grievance for managers. Managers believe that everything I do is for the good of the enterprise and for the faster growth of employees. Why don't they understand? Can't a manager say something when his or her work is not done properly? Many managers say that I'm not afraid to offend people by doing my work. So it takes skill and method to communicate effectively with employees. For example, employees cannot perform well in their work. In the process of management and criticism, some people do not have any skills, which results in hurt employees' self-esteem.
Second reason
The management system and process of the enterprise is not reasonable.
Many enterprises only consider the interests of the enterprise when setting the system, and rarely consider the feelings and thoughts of employees. Last time, when I was in chaoyang, liaoning province, the boss of an enterprise asked me: the employee leave system often leads to dissatisfaction and even lying about the employee's leave. I carefully inquired, it turns out that their enterprise takes two days every month, and there is no such holiday as marriage and death. The employee takes one day off for sick leave and two days off for personal leave. The decision to approve personal leave and sick leave is in the hands of the manager. Another problem is that the guests often return dishes due to quality problems. According to the hotel regulations, the employees in the kitchen should be punished, which can be accepted by the employees. However, as long as the employees are fined, they are likely to have emotions. It turned out that the hotel had to punish the gold of the whole dish. As a dish with hundreds of yuan at every turn, the staff could not accept such a high fine. Therefore, the disregard of system and process greatly affects the enthusiasm of employees. Therefore, I suggest that we set up a review committee to review our system and ensure that the system and process can be recognized and accepted by employees.
Third reason
Employees who feel they are being paid less than they are being given, doing more and taking less. This requires timely follow-up of enterprise performance assessment. As a growing enterprise, employees are not so good at accounting, but performance assessment is very important and necessary for an already well-developed enterprise. Let the employee feel stem more stem less similar, stem good with stem bad different.
Fourth reason
In fact, many enterprises have good plans and prospects, but employees do not know. Good prospects must be Shared with employees in a timely manner, so that employees feel that working in the enterprise is promising.
Fifth reason
Employees are not satisfied with the working environment and working conditions of the enterprise. Many enterprises attach great importance to the guest facilities when they decorate, but they do not want to invest in the staff facilities. Nowadays, many employees live in an easy and comfortable environment since childhood. Only when they eat well, sleep well, play well and learn well can they do well. Therefore, a spotless work environment and a good rest environment are also good ways to retain people. For example, the company employee dormitory is close to the working place, which is convenient for the employee to get to and from work. The dormitory is fully equipped with air conditioning, heating, Internet and washing machine. Employee dining in buffet style etc.
Sixth reason
Employees don't like their jobs. This is also crucial. Many employees do this job only because they are forced by life. If you don't like it, you will leave the company or even the industry. There are also many people who think that the service industry is a service industry and has no status.
Seventh reason
The workload is not reasonable. Too many hours, too much work, and too much overtime. Many employees are reluctant to work overtime. There is no overtime pay or overtime compensation system.
Eighth reason
It's the constant conflict between work and life, and not having time to do what you love.