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Dongguan feiyang shoes factory is a professional engaged in footwear and clothing such as waterproof equipment manufacturing, and metal processing. Machinery manufacturing and processing accessories, professional engaged in machinery and equipment and waterproof material field, these a few years to get the support and trust of customers. Specializing in the production of various series of pressure glue machine (hot air blower/heat sealing machine sewing/article/waterproof glue machine). Product is mainly used in processing have waterproof coating fabrics, such as waterproof shoes. Upscale raincoats, wind coats, jackets, tents, military water-proof covers, ski clothing, waterproof bags, portable car covers, etc have waterproof function of various types of products. Our company accumulated years of experience in design and manufacturing experience, in order to meet the footwear and clothing industry produced by different user needs for the purpose, innovation to produce various series of different class of heat sealing machine sewing/pressure rubber/rubber machine, and leg warmers waterproof testing machine, the fabric is waterproof test machine/plane testing machine, high frequency machine, and so on. The company will produce high quality products and warm and thoughtful after-sales service as a main purpose. Welcome new and old customers to come to inquire, direct. ...

Main products: waterproof shoes machine... Stitching waterproof glue machine, hot machine, heat sealing machine, hot melt machine, glue machine, leg warmers waterproof testing machine, rubber molding press and the tent machine, seamless hot-pressing machine...