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Well-known sneaker brands moved to China, selling for more than $135 million a year!
Post date: 2018-09-14

In each big shoe industry brand production capacity to the southeast Asian countries, but Japan's well-known sneaker brand bucked the trend into China. It sold an extra $135 million (923 million yuan) a year.
Moved to China and sold for more than $135 million a year

After suffering falling demand and slowing sales in Japan and the us because of a failure to grasp the fast-growing ecommerce market, Asics, the Japanese sportswear company, is now focusing on China as the key to its rebound.
Sales in China are lagging behind rivals, but in the most recent fiscal year, sales in China were more than 30 billion yen ($270 million), up 50% from the year before.
'what we are trying to achieve is 100 billion yen ($900 million),' said yasuhiro oshiyama, chief executive officer of the Japanese firm. But he did not give a clear timetable.
The current target is to exceed 55 billion yen in same-store sales by 2020.
Internet sales is an important part of Arthur's pursuit of high growth in the Chinese market. As well as strengthening the marketing of e-commerce advertising, Arthur will also be prepared to carefully analyze and study the purchase history and other data of online consumers to develop a fully functional online shopping platform.

The company plans to allow online platforms to quickly display shoes that match the style and color of individual customers and increase their desire to buy.
Online sales now account for 10 percent of the company's revenue in China, and Mr. Ozaki said he expects online sales to increase to 50 percent as sales in China reach 100 billion yen.
Seven stores in two months
ASICS drives China's children's footwear market

Shanghai zhonghuan bailianbao daxiang store opened on August 10, changzhou taifu store opened on August 30, Shanghai baoxiang nanjing east road store opened on August 31, Beijing shuangan opened on August 31 Since August, several independent stores of ASICS KIDS have been opened continuously in China.
In September, three more stores will open, namely Shanghai huijin store on September 5, suzhou jiuguang store on September 8 and wuxi commercial building store on September 10.
It is understood that ASICS KIDS yashishi independent store is a brand new children's series, the theme of "fun growing up".

Its shoes cover the three brands of ASICS yasus, ASICSTIGER and Onitsuku Tiger katsuka Tiger, which are respectively aimed at children of different ages (0-3 years old), preschool children (3-7 years old) and teenagers (7-12 years old), and the unique design and technology of many adult star shoes are also used in children's shoes, such as KAYANO and HYPERGEL.
In recent years, the major sports brands in the field of children's shoes and clothing, the market segment of the children's shoes and clothing market, sports brand children's stores in China seem to be everywhere, and the local Chinese have anta, 361 degrees, guirenbird, and other foreign brands, adidas, Nike, puma, and other brands are also in the market. The children's sports store is becoming a new profit driver for these sports brands.
With the opening up of China's two-child policy, Arthur schaefer has become an irresistible force in China's children's footwear market, and it will take time to answer how that plays out.