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Wen ling will be the second half of the enterprise clean - up
Post date: 2018-09-04

On August 31, wenling city held the "traditional industrial optimization and upgrading" people's congress special inquiry conference, supplemented by the network public broadcast, a total solution.
The inquiry meeting opened the door, wenling city people's congress standing committee member jin ruihua first took over the microphone: "since this year shoe industry remediation action is carried out, many by remediation object turn concealed production, remediation effect how consolidate?" On the other side of the long table, the heads of the relevant departments of wenling city government are in place in turn.
"More than 5,300 unlicensed enterprises have been closed so far, but the task of preventing a rebound remains arduous."

Chen huachu of wenling footwear remediation office replied:
In the second half, we will be fully reset around without a license, a certificate in the orderly exit of two houses production work target, implementing legally, security, environmental protection measures, licenses and infringes upon the lawful rights and interests, we should standardize the order of the electricity, the worker should standardize the order of tax collection and administration and so on seven big rectification, promoting 'low spread dangerous shoe companies in accordance with the law (workshop) regulation."
"With a billion pairs of shoes produced each year, but no shoe brand, when will the improvement of wenling shoes come to fruition?" In the meeting room, "hot and spicy" question after question. "
To set standards for international and domestic advanced levels, formulate and issue a three-year action plan for comprehensively transforming and upgrading traditional industries; The four major leading industries, including pump and motor, auto parts, machine tools, shoes and caps, have been optimized and upgraded, and targeted measures have been taken to break through. Nirvana in traditional industries has begun. Relevant departments responded quickly.
At the same time, the inquiry meeting adopts the way of live offline interaction, so that netizens can "be present at the scene".
"It is more and more difficult for enterprises to recruit workers, and the labor cost is more and more expensive. Netizen "small seven" message asks.

"Over the past few years, the city's industrial enterprises have significantly increased their efforts in replacing people with machines, as evidenced by the average annual growth rate of labor productivity between 8% and 9%. Next, we will continue to push forward the 'replacement of machines' by setting up models, holding promotion events and bringing in training engineering service companies.
After hearing the reply from xu Yin, director of the wenling economic and information bureau, xiao qi replied in his message, "thank you for answering my question."
On the Internet, as many as 107, 000 people witnessed the inquiry. At the bottom of the page, netizens put forward 141 valid Suggestions.