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Wenling's 333 shoe factories were suspended and their licenses revoked
Post date: 2018-09-28

Recently, wenling city shoe industry renovates working group to come to hengfeng street front Chen cun and zhu jiayang village, visit the company that produces in civilian house. On the same day, a total of 2 small shoe factories cleared out, on the spot shut down suspected tax evasion of the shoe enterprises 1.
The footwear industry is one of the traditional characteristic industries of wenling. But for a long time, the development mode is extensive, the industry level is not high, the innovation ability is not strong and so on question, becomes the restriction industry to develop toward good upward "the hoop curse".
At the beginning of this year, wenling city took 6 key towns (streets) of footwear industry as the breakthrough point to launch a comprehensive shoe-improvement three years action. Up to now, 3,367 shoe enterprises (workshops) have been closed in the city, with over 1397 cases of illegal construction of shoes involved.
333 shoe factories were suspended and their licenses revoked
Middle street is one of the birthplaces of the shoe industry of north of wenling city. Under the general trend of shoe industry renovation, more than 100 houses shoemaking workshops on both sides of middle street have also become the key area of renovation.
According to the workers of the street workers shoe industry regulation, since the first half of the year, the footwear industry of the whole city since the first half of the campaign, wenling north of the city strictly implemented the action plan, shut down a total of 513 enterprises without a license to make shoes, the removal of shoe violations 269, 569 advertising front door.

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In addition, the street has held many meetings with the enterprises above the regulations to effectively solve the problem of employee recruitment in large enterprises and employee employment after the exit of the houses, and to open up the circulation of shoe industry renovation and improvement.
Up to now, a total of 78 licensed shoe-making enterprises (workshops) have withdrawn from the residential houses in 15 villages across the street, among which five villages have completed the withdrawal of huaqiao village, mache village, lang 'ao village, six villages and nine villages. In addition, the market supervision department strictly controls the license, completely removes the "zombie households", and cancels and revokes the business licenses of 333 shoe enterprises.

The picture is from the Internet. The copyright belongs to the original author
"Break" low scattered pattern, "establish" industry standard
In the hengtang small and micro park located in the north of chengbei street of wenling city, there are only a few new standard factories standing in turn, all kinds of supporting facilities in the factory building.
"" the front building is a workshop, the dormitories are in the back, achieving the separation of production and life. In addition, the park is well equipped with fire equipment, with underground fire water reserve of more than 200 tons. Wu xiaoyou, head of starfish shoes co LTD, said that since moving into the small and micro park from houses this year, the company has been developing rapidly.
We will improve the industry and eliminate potential safety hazards. We will concentrate on the park and promote enterprises to enter the park. According to "houses with workshop separation, separation between production and life" standard, possessing a clear all new industrial land indicators shall be rested on park, new industrial projects will be settled in the park, the new batch of industrial enterprises shall be entered the park "three are" principle, reversed transmission houses within manufacturing enterprise gradually withdraw from class shoes, guide enterprises in specification development. Plan to promote the construction of small and micro parks and characteristic town of shoe industry, and promote the improvement of shoe industry with the clustering development of shoe enterprises. At present, the city USES the land after demolition to reactivate and integrate the inefficient land, and plans to build 9 specialized shoe-industry micro-parks, covering 612 mu in total. Already put into production 3, enter shoe enterprise more than 80.

In hengfeng, east of the two key streets of the shoe industry, a comprehensive reconstruction aimed at reshaping the industrial space is in full swing. At present, we have completed the first phase contract of the whole area transformation and industrial upgrading experimental area. It is estimated that at least 1,100 mu of industrial land will be added after the overall transformation and upgrading, and the industrial output value will be nearly 10 billion yuan.
At the same time, wen ling issued the policy of "10 new regulations on stock market reform" and "10 policies to support the upgrading and upgrading of shoe-making enterprises", implemented the comprehensive evaluation mechanism for shoe-making enterprises, differentiated allocation of elements, and implemented the management mechanism of industrial land "renting before letting" and industrial "standard land", which limited the development of low-end resources and supported high-end growth. In that year, the actual tax of warehousing over 2 million yuan for shoe enterprises, performance growth rate over 50%, the highest reward up to 10 million yuan.
Starting in July, possessing the north street association industry regulation, safety, fire protection, administrative enforcement of law, market regulation and other power made solid progress in the second stage shoe industry renovation work, combined with the production safety rectification in order to promote houses licensed production enterprise (workshop) exit, consolidate without licenses shoes zero results, make sure to the 31st of December this year industry comprehensive exit from the houses.