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Factory rule of thumb: you get paid as much as you solve problems.
Post date: 2018-10-19

The company's problems are your chance to improve.
The customer's problem is your opportunity to provide service.
The workplace is about getting the problem solver promoted, the problem maker removed, and the problem complainer dismissed.
Only those who are strict with you are the good leaders who really help you grow.
If you crave excellence, these workplace rules and few brushes, why would the boss invite you?


Factory world
Please come to solve the problem instead of creating it.
If you can't find or solve a problem, you're a problem.
How big a problem you can solve, and how high you can sit.
You get paid as much as you solve problems.
Let the problem solver rise, the problem maker step aside, and the problem complainer quit.


No credit, no credit.
Businesses want results, not processes.
2. In the enterprise, no matter how hard and busy the employees are, if they are not efficient and have no performance, all the hard work is in vain, and all the efforts have no value.
3. We insist on performance acquisition and improvement as the starting point of management, and performance level as the basis for the effectiveness of management work.
4. Work value and market value determine the allocation benchmark of employees, and performance level determines the actual acquisition of employees.
We pursue results. The main result is that we should be productive and pursue good results in everything we do. We are against doing nothing but saying, and we are against doing nothing. Only through persistent efforts and thorough efforts can we get the ideal return.
6. The degree to which an enterprise recognizes its employees' value depends on how much the employees create performance for the enterprise.


Don't leave the team easily or you'll start from scratch
Don't give up when things don't go well. Every team has its problems and every team has its strengths.
It's important to be a leader. If you're willing to teach, and you're willing to be a leader, cherish it.
The problem with a team is your chance to stand out from the crowd. To complain and complain about a team is to slap yourself, to call yourself incompetent and to pass up opportunities.
4. Be grateful to the system for your platform and the partners for your cooperation.
Creating value is the core value of your existence. Entrepreneurship is not charity.
6. If you encounter problems, please think first. Only the primary level is reflected in the problems.


The problem is your opportunity
The company's problem: your chance to improve.
Customer problem: your opportunity to provide service.
Your problems: your opportunities to grow.
Problem with coworkers: you offer the opportunity to support and build cooperation.
The problem with leadership: you solve the problem of gaining trust.
The problem with competitors: your chances of getting better.


Look for ways to succeed, not excuses to fail
Your responsibility is your direction, your experience is your capital, your character is your destiny.
Complex things are simple to do, you are an expert, simple things repeated do, you are an expert, repeated things do by heart, you are a winner.
Beauty belongs to the confident, opportunity to the pioneer, and miracle to the persistent.
If you don't want to do it, there will always be an excuse. If you really want to do it, there will always be a way!


Who ends up enjoying the victory?
The person who can always grow with the team.
People who are always optimistic about the prospects of the team.
People who can find their place in the team's constant exploration.
Someone who is constantly learning new things for a new team goal.
A person with strong stress tolerance.
6. A person who shares the same spirit with the team, stands in the same boat, shares the joys and sorrows.
A person who doesn't care about personal gains or losses and who CARES about the overall situation.
A person who has ambition, integrity, and dedication.


No matter white cat or black cat, it is a good cat to catch mice
1. Performance is the strongest proof of value.
What are the standards of good employees? Results! This is the age of the heroes of results, and this is the age of the tests of results.


No performance is exploitative
To take the boss's salary without making progress is to waste the company's resources. Employees who can't create value for the company are exploiting the company.


To a leader, to love him is to be strict with him
A leader who is strict with you is a good leader who can really help you grow up.
2. No powerful company can give its subordinates a sense of security, and motivate everyone to become strong and self-improvement in the most brutal way!
Any company that tries to give its subordinates a sense of security will be destroyed, because no matter how powerful they are, they will lose their Wolf nature in a gentle environment.
Any company that tries its best to force out its employees' ability and develop their potential will be on the rise, because in this environment, they will either become wolves or be eaten by wolves.
The most insecure companies give employees a real sense of security, because they force out their strength, force out their growth, and therefore they have a future!
If you really love your subordinates, assess them, demand them, demand them, aim high, push them to grow!
If you have low goals, low requirements, and low standards, you have a flock of sheep, youtiao, and rabbit. This is the most irresponsible to subordinates! Because it only encourages their petulance, jealousy and laziness.


Where does your salary come from
Why does the boss pay you?
Without the rapid development and high profits of the enterprise, it is impossible for employees to get rich salaries. Only when the company makes money can employees get a better return. In a sense, making money for the company is a raise for yourself.
3. No matter what we do, we must prove that we are a valuable asset of the company with good performance, prove our value and prove that we can help the company to create profits. Who can create more performance for the company, of course, who will be paid more.
Bill Gates: "the people who make money for the company are the people the company needs most."


Hold the boss's heart with first-rate results
Every boss, for his own sake, will leave only the most competent employees.
The pie doesn't just fall out of the sky. Your boss will only value you if you work hard and get results.
As an operating entity, a company must rely on profits to sustain its growth. To grow, every employee in the company must contribute his or her strength and talents.
Companies are a battleground where employees try to prove their performance, and the only way they can prove themselves is by doing so.
Wherever and whenever you fail to perform, you will, sooner or later, be a discarded piece. Therefore, performance is our dignity and performance is our honor!