FY-T13 Mutifuction welding machine

 1.Has super large thermal gas space, more suitable for medium, large, super large tents, car covers,rubber boats, outdoor tent,hot boat and other products processing.

2.Uses PLC programmable, high-definition display operation, and can modify the program at any time according to the user's needs.

3.Automatic temperature control, high stability, temperature fluctuation + 2 degrees, temperature upper limit alarm design, protection heating wire.

4.According to human mechanics design foot pedal control program, comfortable operation, not easy to fatigue, suitable for long time operation.

5.Can work continuously for 24 hours with high efficiency.

6.Unique heating tube structure.

7. Automatic micro retreat to eliminate blank.

8.Super large torque power design.

This product is widely used in voiding ball, walking on water water roller, grass, inflatable swimming pool, large inflatable tents, inflatable boats, inflatable boats, fishing boats and other PVC net damping cloth, TPU material technology (welding).