FY-502 High/low socks integrated testing machine(Double)

This machine is one set of socks waterproof testing machine of high permeability low permeability,the machine can beused forhigh permeability,low permeability, permeability in the sock can be tested on the FY-502 machine,high transparent and low transparent test can be converted at any time.

► High permeability test is filling water to socks,to the specified pressure,coupled with the air ,the gas inside,in order to test whether or not waterproof socks;

► Low penetration air filling to socks,socks will be pressed to the water,in order to test the anti water or not.

► The fixture uses aluminum parts,stainless steel material,in the long-term and water contact process in the middle,the double station test, the double foot clamp,the double and so on clamp control,to improve the efficiency of the operation,the test is accurate;the test of the time,the results are consistent;

► Special fixture structure design,for special models such as waterproof socks(low),with have good test function.