FY-708 Cold and hot presses(two hot and one cold)

1、This machine is suitable for all kinds of uppers without seams and 4D uppers.

2、All-intelligent temperature control system, simple operation and stable temperature; the heat conduction system has been carefully designed, uniform heat conduction and low heat energy consumption.

3.The upper and lower heating plates of the machine table are all heat-treated and plated. They are not easily deformed during long-term use and can maintain their accuracy.

4.Heat bonding time is digitally displayed and set, accurate and accurate, adhesive pressure can be free丨y adjusted according to different products.

5.Using gas-oil mixed pressurization system, stable pressure-stabilizing effect, energy-saving and environmental protection, clean and sanitary.

6.The operating table is made of stainless steel, which is more durable and easier to clean.

7.Increase the light curtain device to ensure better safety protection.

8.Push-down tray slide feeding design, simple operation, more safe and efficient.

9.Double operation, the material can be placed in the hot pressing area of the push plate, press the start button to automatically send in and hot press work, and hot pressing completes the automatic sending of materials, which can ensure safety production, reduce labor intensity and increase production, effectiveness.

10.Two heat, one cold and three stations are designed in parallel to greatly increase the production efficiency and save space. The cold set system makes the workmanship of the workpiece more beautiful and stable, and the effect is ideal.